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Sandi - Co-Owner/Investigator

I am excited to be a co-owner of SPI with my son Mike! Years ago, my home that I shared with my two sons was 'haunted' by someone we nicknamed George. Of course we didn't know if it was male or female, lol. Since those experiences that we had come to expect, my interest in the paranormal grew by leaps and bounds. I hope to be an asset to this team and help to provide our clients with answers to questions they have regarding their own paranormal/ghost experiences. 

Info About Me

I am 62 years old and have been married to my 2nd husband for over 16 years. I have 2 sons and 1 step-son. I'm also a grandmother of 9 (4 boys and 5 girls - 2 of which are twins) and a great-grandmother of 2 grandsons. Wow, I'm getting old too quick!! I've worked at Oakland University and Genisys Credit Union, as well as a few other places over the years. I am a Breast Cancer survivor of 14 years as of 2016.   

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