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Our Mission

To provide our clients with viable solutions to their experiences, debunking claims when possible and assisting them with a better understanding when no other explanation can be found.

Our Goal

To assist our clients through the difficulties of dealing with the unexplained.

Trish - Founder SPI of Michigan (Retired)

I'm Trish the founder of S.P.I. I've been interested in the paranormal since I was 7 and had experiences in our home, When I told my parents about them they told me I was imagining things and to forget about them and they would just go away, They did not! I was still living in the same house 40 years later and things still happened and are still happening even since I moved, I got used to them and miss them now that I'm gone, I started hanging around in cemeteries when I was about 14 trying to make contact with spirits but that did not work..

In 2006 a co-worker told me about a paranormal group he was in, I asked if I could tag along on an investigation some time? He said yes and I joined his group on a cemetery investigation in Romeo, MI. I was hooked! We thought we had something on film but when we went back to re-investigate we found it was nothing, there were differences of opinion in that group and after a few investigations I left the group, I kept investigating on my own, soon after I decided to start my own group, our goal is to find natural occurrences and scientific reasons for paranormal activity, usually we can, it's when there are no reasons for these things to be happening that it gets interesting and that's why we do it, we are looking for answers, hopefully one day we'll find them.....

On 1/19/2014 I officially passed ownership of SPI over to Mike Priest, it was not a decision that I made lightly, I put a lot of thought into leaving Paranormal Investigating, I feel that I have in some sense found what I was looking for, I do believe there is something after death, I don't know what and we may never no, but there is something! I poured my heart and soul into SPI, and this site, I know I left it in good hands, and I will miss my team immensely....

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