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Photo taken during Flint investigation on 11-7-10

My Kids


My Girls Kasey and Yeti, Kasey is 17 and Yeti is 13, I got Kasey when she was about 4 weeks old she was abandoned along with her brother in a laundry basket on a friends front lawn, they asked me if I could take them and I did, I found a home for the male but when it came down to it I could not give Kasey away she was too sweet, she's a spoiled pain in the ass but I love her to death..

when I got Kasey I had a German Shepard so she has never been alone, when I had to have my Shepard put to sleep Kasey got really depressed, I set up a video camera to see what she did when noone was home and she spent all day or all of the time until the tape ran out looking for Samara ( my Shepard) just wandering around the house crying, I was heartbroken watching the video and decided to go to the Humane Society and get her a new sister and that's when I found Yeti, I looked at 3 other dogs before her I really didn't notice her she just laid in her little cage and watched us walk around with her eyes she never even moved her head, then I was walking by and noticed her ears, she was only about 7 months old and her ears were huge she was so cool looking and since Samara was a Black Shepard I thought it would be cool to have a white one, she's mixed with pitt bull, the asumption people have that pitt bulls are mean is a myth! it's all in how you raise them, Yeti is one of the most loveable dogs I've ever had and I've had a lot I've never not had a dog, she's smart and she actually has a sense of humor she is a very funny dog, I've had her for 13 years and she's never tried to bite anyone infact she's never shown her teeth to anyone, she's always wagging her tail even at the vets, when I call to make her an appointment and they ask me which dog it's for and I tell them Yeti the receptionist always yells" hey everyone Yeti's coming in" everyone that meets her is a little standoffish at first but once they spend a little time around her they all want to take her home with them, I've had people I don't know ask if they can have her, every time I get a dog it's the best dog I've ever had, hopefully it will always be that way...

Update: Kasey recently passed away (1-21-13), she was almost 19 years old, she had a long and happy life, I had her cremated and her ashes will stay with me forever, she will be missed!..

Update: Yeti Passed away this summer (2013), at the age of 15, she is with Kasey now, I also had her cremated

and her ashes are sitting alongside Kasey, RIP Yeti, I love you!!


My Other Kids

I got Trouble the Black and white kitten in June, and Mischief the Siamese in July, they have the same father but different mothers, I moved into an apartment and thought it would be cruel to bring my dogs along, my mom has them now, I still see them a couple of times a week, they have a big fenced in yard to play and run in there and would have to go out on a leash here, they are also old and would have a hard time making the stairs since I live on the 2nd floor, I love the kittens! Mischief has a few health issues but nothing that can't be fixed with a few hundred dollars and some TLC, I don't mind though she's well worth it...

This is Gemma Teller, she's the newest member of the family, she's a shepherd/ Rottweiler mix, she's very smart and very cool!

My Other Passion

I got these on 2/9/11, I love music and I've always loved percussion the most, I played drums when I was younger and was pretty good, it may take a while but I plan to be pretty good at playing these too, Carlos santana here I come..... YEP I SOLD THESE!!!

Some Of My Heroes

My mom is my biggest hero she always will be, She's 88 and still going strong, Then there's Walter Payton who in my opinion is the greatest running back of all time ,he died way too soon, John Wayne the true American, he never made a movie I didn't like...

My Paranormal Christmas 2010

Spi Christmas Tree and me and the boys...

I think these are hysterical

Home Depot vs Lowes

Reason no.1 for choosing The Home Depot

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