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Trish (Founder of SPI)

With all of the things we do as a team together there are so many things we see that are not paranormal but are really cool we decided to add individual pages for each team member so we can share our photographs and thoughts with you, although these may or may not be paranormal they are related to what we love to do which is explore the unknown, since these individual pages are designed to give you an idea of who we are separately these pages will not have the same format but will express the personality of each team member.....

UPDATE: Due to Personal reasons I have said goodbye to SPI, because I am the original founder of the team I will remain on the site, I will also do occasional investigations with the team when needed, I have the utmost faith in the team that is now in place, or I would not have left, they are professional, knowledgeable, and experienced, make no mistake, I did not leave without giving it great thought, and without heartache, SPI is and always will be, "My Baby" I spent years bringing this team and this website to where it is today, I have great faith that it is in good hands and will be well taken care of, I will miss the team, they are my 2nd family and I Love each and every one of them, if you want a true, honest and great investigation, SPI IS who you want doing it for you, they are the best team in Michigan, hands down!!!...

Daytime Investigating

not every investigation has to be done in the dark with thousands of dollars of equipment, sometimes the middle of the day with nothing but a camera and a recorder are plenty....


1. I see no reason for a big flashy site, all we need is a place for people that need help to find us, we post what we do so that people will know what we are about no hoakiness, no making something out of nothing, just the facts as we aquire them..

2. Anyone that calls themselves a professional paranormal investigator is wrong, you can be good and well informed but you cannot go to school and get a degree in paranormal investigating, as to date there is no proof that ghosts or spirits exist, nor is there an exact science as to how to prove it, it's all trial and error, proof is what paranormal investigators are searching for, like the song says I still haven't found what I'm looking for!!!

3. Death is something that happens to all of us, we never know where or when it will find us so be happy and live life to the fullest....

4. sometimes in order to achieve what we want we have to do things we really don't want to do but they are necessary, when you are on a path no one else seems to be on it's time to move ahead and find others on the same path you are on, tempers flair and feelings are hurt eventually we all get over it, some people take longer than others, some people are adult about it some people show their true child like tendencies and do stupid things for what seems like forever, eventually they too will figure out THAT'S LIFE GET OVER IT !!!!!!

5. This is something we take very seriously, from the minute you speak with one of us we are working on your case, making calls, getting organized, doing research, we put a lot of time, energy and resources into the case before we ever do the investigation, we have to take time off from our jobs, families, friends and sometimes events we were looking forward to, we sacrifice a lot to help you so you can understand that we get very upset when someone asks us for help and then cancels the day before the investigation, usually in this case we will not re-schedule, our feeling is that if you called looking for help and went through the whole process we have and then cancel, your problem was not that severe to begin with, there are people out there that truley need our help...

6. This team is more than a hobby to me it's a passion, I have a lot of time money and effort invested in it. I was very careful about the way I built this team and the way I run it, the team I have right now is without a doubt the best team I've ever had, and I've had 3, I had to do some serious weeding out to come up with the best people, everyone is very serious and very qualified in their specialties within the group, between us there are over 70 years of investigating experience not always with equipment like we have now, I've been doing EVP work and taking pictures in cemeteries for 36 years Jennifer and Scott also have experience with investigating and in other areas pertaining to the paranormal and we all love what we do...

7. Don't mistake my kindness for weakness!!!!

8. Yep we have fun on investigations, we joke and fool around and try to involve the client as much as possible, we believe that most probably if there is a haunting that the spirit that is there probably had some kind of sense of humor, and sometimes joking around get results, it doesn't make us unprofessional it makes us real!!!

My Truck

the Light Bar, Lights, Step Bars, Hood Scoops and Grill were put on by Lake Orion Truck Accessories I ordered the letters online from and put them on myself, the Logo was designed by me and made by Eagle Graphics who also did the Wrap on the trailer that was purchased from Clydes Frame Shop..............

things we see in cemeteries

Sometimes if not most of the time cemeteries are the hosts of life and when you come across it you have to get a picture...


the old architecture and statues in cemeteries are some of the best.

another statue I thought should go on my page, it says it all...

another great statue


as a rule we do not put headstones with names on our site, but since the name on this stone is John Smith I did not see how it could hurt I thought the saying was cool

sometimes when people do not have actual headstones their loved ones leave other things in their place

then there are the ones that leave you wondering what they mean


I thought this was a cool family plot

and we can't forget the military known or unknown they gave their lives so we could be free

Things you find while cemetery hopping

Candy's Costumes

I found this house while cemetery hopping and was given the priveledge of going in and looking around, it's as cool on the inside as it is on the outside, in July 2006 the new owners will be opening it up as a costume shop and in October it will be used as a haunted house.

Things I think Are Cool

I was sitting on my deck drinking coffee and I noticed an Earwig getting a drink of water out of my fountain so I took it's picture..

this little bugger was thirsty!!!

this hawk hangs around my house year round, he landed during a snow storm and the snow was so wet and heavy he couldn't take off, he sat there all day until it stopped snowing, you know when he's around because all of the birds hide...

I love this game

I only put this on here to give me something to do on lunch at work, I can't access a game site but I can access this site so I listen to U-2 and play pong when I have extra time, if loving pong isn't paranormal I don't know what is...

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