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I finally got base prices on our products, we have eliminated logos we no longer plan to use what you see is what we have logo wise, I can get a wide array of products if there is anything particular you want let me know and I'll see if it's available, Items that are any color other than white are extra if you want a round logo I can change the background color on the logo to make it almost any color so it will appear round, please go through the contact us page let me know what you want how many and leave your phone number and I'll call you and we can make arrangememts, I know it seems a little pricey but to get custom designs it's a little more money and I am eating the shipping costs, we have to do it this way because it's custom ordered for size and quantity and I have to go through the site I design things on to get it made, you can add your name or anything else you want and I'll design it and before I order it I'll send you a proof for approval..

Hats Were $35.00 Each And Are Very High Quality

the site I design the hats and shirts on has dropped their prices so I passed the savings on to you, hats are now only $25.00 and the quality has remained the same..                                                                                            

Black Tee Shirts are $25.00

Black Long Sleeve Shirts are $30.00

White Shirts And Tank Top Are $20.00/ Long Sleeve shirt is now $25.00

Hoodies Are $49.00, I get the Hoodies from another site they are still $49.00

Mugs Are $15.00

Mouse Pad $10.00 ( the whole logo does appear on the mouse pad)

Spi Stuff

Everything in this section can only be ordered by bulk when we have enough people interested we will order some and let you know the price, If I remember right it's like $2.50 for the frisbee, $20.00 for the umbrella and $5.00 for the drink cooler, We'll let you know a.s.a.p.

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