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Belleville Investigation – Brown Residence

March 22nd, 2014


Our investigation consisted of four IR cameras (infrared), five digital voice recorders, three mini DV cameras, one EMF detector, two K-2 meters, one digital camera, a Mel Meter, a spirit box and other miscellaneous equipment.

The EMF (electromagnetic field) readings in the house were quite sporadic. This doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in paranormal activity; however spirits may be able to channel this energy to help manifest themselves in various way. We were not able to determine the exact cause of the higher than usual EMF readings with the exception of standard kitchen appliances and a fish tank in the downstairs bedroom.

Several members had personal experiences throughout the night. At one point a team member heard what sounded like a door in the room moving and another investigator thought he had seen the door move a little. Video review confirmed no one was by the door, but the movement was not caught on camera. We did however catch audio of the door moving and are able to compare that noise with the sound of the floor creaking to ensure it was not a floor board.

The carriage house was investigated a few times throughout the night. Early on we were able to catch an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) on a voice recorder while reviewing onsite. Further review of this voice recorder revealed several more EVPs were captured in the carriage house.

Later in the night a team member utilized a flashlight near the attic. By turning the top of the flashlight, simple pressure on the end of the flashlight will turn it on and a release of this pressure will turn it off. With no one near the flashlight, the team member was able to ask yes and no questions and the flashlight would turn on with no one near it indicating a yes response. This went on for a good length of time.

At the end of the evening, investigators used the Spirit Box which scans through radio channels at a fast clip with the idea that a word or two might be heard by spirits on the other side. We were able to capture 4 audio files where there appeared to be a response to our questions.

Our team did not encounter anything of a negative energy at the house on this night; however we do feel there are at least 2 or more entities present there.

Scientific Paranormal Investigations enjoyed our investigation and the discovery of some of the ghosts or spirits that spend time there.

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