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Paranormal Friends

Rochester SPI

Rochester SPI is our affiliate in New York, they are a proven team of investigators and we welcome them to the SPI Organization...

Seeking The Ozarks Paranormal

we would like to welcome Seeking The Ozarks Paranormal to our Paranormal family

Haunted America (Michigan)

this is a good site if you want to read about local hauntings, just click on Michigan and the city you want

Haunted America

another good site to do research and find local haunted places.

spooky pics

The Minds Eye Bookstore

The minds Eye Bookstore is located in Mount Clemens, MI.

Business Associates


If you want graphics or a wrap on a vehicle, trailer, etc.. and great service at a reasonable price this is who you want to call, ask for Tony

 Lake Orion Truck Accessories

These guys are great, the prices are great and so is the service, they have been doing the after market work on my truck for a few years now and they always will...


A great place to buy a trailer or have your vehicle worked on, they make you feel like family

Cool Sites

Moon Phases

this is a very cool site if you're interested at all in the phases of the moon..


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