Riviera Restaurant & Spirits

we have finished going over our evidence and found nothing  out of the ordinary at this establishment, the investigation was fun the people were great, all of us with S.P.I. would like to thank everyone at the Riviera for their hospitality and patience.

                 Private Residence

The owner of this residence wishes to remain anonymous, the reports in this home were full body apparitions, books being thrown off of a bookcase, hair being blown when there was no apparent wind source in the room, and feelings of being watched, when we investigated none of these things happened but a previous member believes he got an EVP saying "get out" whether this meant us or the owner we do not know, and will not find out because the previous member will not turn the EVP over.....

     George & Ines (Lincoln Park)

we have been working with George and Ines for about a month in early June 2009 they contacted us after a bad experience with another paranormal group, we went and talked to them and agreed to investigate their home, during the interview we had tape recorders running we went into a bedroom they said most of the activity was in to show us a mirror that writing had shown up on, you might remember hearing their story on channel 2 news, we just talked and looked around, 2 days later we did the investigation it took about 3 hours, after going over the evidence we found that most of what we got actually came during the pre-investigation interview, all we got were E.V.Ps during the interview and the investigation but they were very good and very clear (class A) when we went back to do the reveal we asked if we could come back and just do an intense E.V.P. sweep of the house they were happy to let us, we came back a few days later and we got another E.V.P this one was very faint but understandable we informed them to the best of our knowledge about what they can do to rid themselves of the spirits but on the basis of only E.V.Ps we cannot call the house haunted only active... The clients took our advice and are now free of the spirits it is now May 2010 and things are still calm...

We do have an EVP from this investigation on our audio page, we actually got several good EVPs from this investigation but the former group members that have them will not let me have them so some good evidence is gone...

                 Anton Art Center

although our investigation did not turn anything up we can not say there is no activity here, outside noise from bands at 2 bars across the street and activity from the Emerald Theater along with outside lights were prominent on our cameras and recorders, we have been invited back to investigate on a night when things are quieter we will update as soon as our new investigation is over.....

                 Private Residence

The claims at this house were a black mass and voices, we did not get anything on camera or video but we did get EVP's they were very faint and you really could not tell what was being said even after cleaning them up and enhancing them so we will not be posting them...

                    Linden Hotel

This investigation had a lot of potential if any of the claims made were true, unfortunately the owner let people stay while we were investigating including children and the voice of a little girl was one claim, we could not account for the wearabouts of everyone at all times so we have to be very careful that we only use evidence that we gather in full view of team members..

Upon reviewing all of our evidence we did get a usable EVP you can hear it on our audio page...

   Robison House (Detroit)

We investigated this house on 2/8/2010, the owner called us after seeing our interview in the Detroit Free Press, she claims that for the past 2 years she has been experiencing letters and words appearing scratched in the walls, furniture, and counter tops, also inprinted in the nap of a carpet in her living room, faces also appear, in our initial interview we did experience the words appearing in the carpet they were not there when we arrived and noone was ever alone in the room the words just appeared, there were no EVP's recorded we did get an interesting orb, being someone that does not put alot of stock in orbs we have decided to have an outside source evaluate the footage, as soon as we have heard back from them we will add the footage,

 the orb was evaluated and as I thought was dust that was kicked up when the client walked past the camera...

                 Pine Knob Mansion

We investigated here on 2-22-2010 Pine Knob Mansion is a very beautiful and interesting place and has a great history to it, as soon as we are finished going over evidence it will be posted.

 unfortunately there was nothing on audio or video, there were a few personal experiences, we would like to go back sometime and investigate again...





                Private Residence

There were several temperature fluxuations and k-2 hits here but the audio and video were not able to pick anything up, the claims in this house were, A CD player was thrown and broken, also an hour glass, and everything in a storage room was knocked over and thrown around, I heard the noise from this myself and there was noone around when it happened...                                                                                     .

                                      DK Truck- Lansing, MI

We investigated here on 9-11-10 we have not finished going over our evidence but it was interesting and to date it's the biggest place we've investigated, Jennifer and I went here along with Mark and Pam from another group and some other people, Mark was trying out a new piece of equipment and he had some luck with it you can go to his website at and see his results, Jennifer and I were not as lucky we had a great time but got no evidence, Mark works there and his employees have all mentioned paranormal experiences in the building, Mark and his team were upstairs Jennifer and I investigated the main floor, we will go back it's a huge place we could investigate it for a full weekend and probably not cover all of it...

                                        Metamora Investigation

We got 4 EVPs from this investigation 1 of which is on the Audio Page, the home owner  would like the other 3 kept  private due to the personal nature of them, as we respect the privacy of the client we will respect their wishes and not post them,  this is a photo of the bird sanctuary in the house, this house is awesome!..

                                             Flint Investigation

 This was a very interesting investigation we did get a couple of EVPs 1 of which is posted on the Audio Page,  the claim here were shadows, voices, and the dog and cat freaking out, along with getting EVPs we also witnessed the animals acting oddly the client and her son were being terrorized so after our investigation we partnered with a friend from another group who specializes in negative entities and went back, we did a house cleansing and things seemed to quiet down for a while, then it came back with a vengeance so Jennifer and I studied the Native American Smudging ritual and contacted a Native american who owns a shop in Rochester and went and talked to him and got some advice, when we felt comfortable that we knew what we were doing and confident that it would work we again went back, we performed the ritual successfully the client informed us that everything is quiet and she does not believe it will be back...

after a period of time it did return and  a family member was negatively affected so the client moved, the affected family member chose to stay behing, we do not know the outcome of the family member who stayed behing but the client that left is leading a normal life with no more paranormal activity..                                                                                 .

                                         Pepper Bottoms (Warren)

The Pepper Bottoms investigation turned out to be one of our best investigations yet, we came away with 6 usable EVPs more than we've gotten out of a single investigation so far, as I said on channel 2 news I believe it's haunted there were too many things that happened to dismiss it, we had problems with our equipment shutting off with plenty of battery, and battery drain as well as others having personal experiences, with the total of everything we experienced and recorded I feel comfortable saying Pepper bottoms has more than just alcohol based spirits....                                                                                                                                                                                                          .

                       Johnny Cakes Candle Shop (Romeo)

This Investigation was done on Saturday February 26th 2011, a former team member and I both had the flu and were not able to make it, after speaking with Jennifer the next day I was told there were a few personal experiences and Scott claims to have a couple of unexplained sounds on audio, some of the claims were a cat rubbing against the legs and meowing, this is also one of the personal experiences that happened during the investigation, the thermostat going up into the 80s, a storage room door opening by itself, this actually happened during the investigation but was debunked, there is footage of this happening on our video page, footsteps-long heavy strides which were also heard during the investigation.





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