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September 21, 2013


Our investigation consisted of four IR cameras (infrared), four digital recorders, one mini DVD camera, one EMF detector, two K-2 meters, one digital camera, an Ovulis and other miscellaneous equipment.

The EMF (electromagnetic field) readings in the building were within a normal range. This would indicate no paranormal activity due to high readings.

Several members had personal experiences on the third floor. They could see a shadow of what appeared to be a woman walking past a window, but on further investigation could not locate the woman. Also on the third floor on the right side of the staircase, several members heard footsteps. Upon further investigation, they could not locate the source of the footsteps.

A team member also picked up the presence of several entities (ghosts/spirits) that were attached to the property more than the actual building. This would suggest a previous occurrence on the land prior to the structure being relocated to the existing spot.

Several members of the team along with a couple members of the owner’s family were investigating the basement area. The small group was standing still when one member asked if something was standing right in front of them. When flashlights were turned on, no physical person was in that area. A digital recorder was later played back and it caught the sound of the footsteps leading towards the group and stopped just as the member asked if something was in front of them. No one heard the sound of footsteps at the time, but they were clearly evident on the digital recorder.

A member of the team picked up the name Tom roaming in the basement. It was later confirmed by a member of the owner’s family that a Tom actually worked in the basement sorting books. He passed away several years prior to our investigation.

There were four EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) that were picked up. One was the footsteps in the basement, which was more of a disembodied noise versus an EVP. Two more were disembodied whistling and another one was a faint voice.

We would love to have the opportunity to investigate here again and focus more of our investigation on the basement of the building.

Scientific Paranormal Investigations enjoyed our investigation and discovery of some of the ghosts or spirits that spend time at 901 W. Lafayette Blvd. in Detroit.

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