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IT IS BEST TO WEAR GOOD HEADPHONES WHEN LISTENING TO EVPs. THEY ARE USUALLY HARD TO PICK UP AS THEY TEND TO BLEND IN WITH THE WHITE NOISE IN THE BACKGROUND. There are 2 kinds of EVPs. Residual and Intelligent. A residual is like a recording playing over and over, it doesn't matter if anyone is there or not it just happens, they are not aware that you are there. An intelligent is a direct answer to your question or a remark that has something to do with what is going on at the time, there is also a disembodied voice which you hear at the time it is being said, you do not hear an EVP until you play it back on the recorder.

Private Residence (Lincoln Park)

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You have to listen very closely to this one, I ask if you're not Emily. or Anna, or Hank, or Floyd what is your name? and the reply is, "I'm George" because this was a direct reply to a question this is considered an intelligent EVP...

Linden Hotel

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On this EVP Rob says, you were preparing for war? and the reply is "here comes Corporal Caps", this is not really a reply that has anything to do with the question so it is probably residual...

Private Residence

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Myself, Jennifer and the homeowner were the only people in this house, Jennifer put a digital recorder in the basement and we sat on the couch for about an hour talking, the basement door was open and other than the 3 of us talking the house was quiet, there should be nothing on this recorder, but you hear a door open, someone walk down the stairs, some shuffling around then a childs voice says "mommy", there were no children present in the home at this time!... this is also considered residual..

Private Residence (Metamora)

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A former team member asks the question, is anyone here with us? I hear what I think is music, and she thinks it's geese flying overhead, it was the end of October and almost midnight, I'm not sure but I don't think geese fly that late at night when it's that cold outside, correct me if I'm wrong I'm not a goose hunger so I'm not sure.... if this is actually music and not geese it would be residual...

Flint Investigation

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On this EVP you hear Scott asking a question while the cat is meowing, then you will hear a faint "Hello" then I start talking, only Scott and I were in the room and the cat was freaking out for no reason.... not really sure on this one it could be someone saying "Hi" to us or a residual..

in this EVP we are not sure of what it says we think either "can you please find me?" or "can you please help me?"

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Pepper Bottoms (Warren)

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On this recording we are provoking and threatening to stab a Teddy Bear, we're all saying stab it then you hear another voice that is NOT any of us say "Stab it" but we did not hear it at the time, you can tell the difference between us and the EVP, this is definitely intelligent...

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On this audio clip you hear the phrase, "They caught a wussie" we have no idea what that is about, nothing was really being said so we consider this to be a residual..

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The main claim at Pepper Bottoms is children singing and playing in the downstairs office, after doing EVP sessions in teams and feeling like nothing was happening we sent Jennifer in alone, she is the only one that was not provoking and we thought she might get some cooperation, as she talked to them and told her she had 2 grandchildren you hear an "Oh Yeah!", this goes to show when kids are involved it's probably best not to provoke them you may scare them away,this is a good example of an intelligent entity...

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On this clip Philippe says come out, come out, wherever you are, and you hear "HMMM HMMMmmm" this could actually be either...

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On this recording steve is reciting the alphabet leaving out letters for the children that are supposed to be there to finish for him, then he picks back up a few letters later leaving a gap for them to say the letters he left out, he says the letter W and as he's finishing saying it you can hear an overlapping X very faintly considering it was finishing the alphabet I'd say this is intelligent..

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This recording is actually considered a didembodied voice because Jennifer heard it as it was being said, I cut this short so you really have to listen, it's at the beginning of the audio, you hear a "HA" then Jennifer says, did you hear that?, I'll try to get ahold of the recording and fix it so it's more audible sorry!

Johnny Cakes Candles (Romeo)

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On this EVP Jennifer is explaining that she can't see or hear them so they have to speak up and you hear "I'm right here!" no doubt this is intelligent...

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Steve asks Jennifer if she's getting anything and she says, no I'm getting a voice say's "what" and Jennifer says mad, this could very possibly be intelligent...

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Steve asks the question, is there anybody here? you hear something but we can't make out what it's saying, Jennifer says yes and Steve says oh there is someone here? and then you hear, "I'll pay cash!", keep in mind this used to be a pharmacy a long time ago, this would be residual...

Highland Investigation

on this clip we are just starting the investigation and a voice says "oh here we go" like it knew what was happening, this is considered a disembodied voice because Mike heard it when it was said...

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on this clip you can barely hear what sounds like someone say "hey" then Mike says "did you just hear something?..

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on this clip you hear a strange clicking noise, we did this investigation in February so all of the windows and doors were closed...

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another weird clicking noise...

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on this clip you hear an exhale at the very beginning..

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on this clip the client is in the basement with the team and something brushes up against her leg..

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on this clip you hear a weird static from the recorder in the attic, the other 2 static recordings came from the basement..

Commerce Investigation

This investigation was cool for a couple of reasons, first it was done on Saturday April 21st into the 22nd so at midnight I turned 50, we were invited back to do another investigation after we presented the evidence to the client because there were areas we did not cover because she has never experienced anything there before, but now she wants to know if we might have missed out on anything, she was not expecting to get the amount of evidence we got for her...

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on this clip you hear a weird static we have not encountered before on any investigation, it happens a total of 13 times throughout the investigation every time the K-2 lights up, not at any other time did we pick this up, we get a lot of static during investigations but nothing that sounds like this..

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on this clip Jennifer and I are discussing whether or not a child spirit would find something funny or not, we ask if it does? then Jennifer say's are you here? and you here "no"

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On this clip Jennifer and I are upstairs where the client see's a shadow pass by often, our K-2 Meters keep going off at the same time, mine into the green and Jennifers into the red indicating that if something is there it's closer to her than to me, just as a test one of the times they went off I moved my K-2 closer to Jennifer and it too went into the red, Jennifer lost her breath which has never happened on an investigation before, as I was asking her if she was alright I started to get a feeling I have never had before, then as we were leaving the guys in the command center started seeing lights moving on the wall behind where we were standing, I believe something passed through me, and I felt 4 icicle like things go up the back of my hat like fingers, when we went downstairs to regroup I had scratches on the back of my neck in the same area I felt the what I believe to be icy fingers go up into my hat..

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on this clip our walkies went off twice, when Jennifer called Scott to ask him if he was trying to reach us you hear "no"

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on this clip you can hear a voice at the very beginning that we do not hear but we start saying hi, how are you? because our K-2s lit up...

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on this clip the guys were upstairs getting ready to go into the attic right above where Jennifer and I had our physical experience and stopped because it was almost 12:00 and they wanted to come out for the birthday party, after they leave the house you hear a low moan and footsteps, there was no one in the house at the time, Keep in mind that it is an old house with hardwood flooring and steps and we had a recorder sitting on the landing, so when you go up and down the stairs it's really loud, listen for the door to close after the 2 minute mark and then the moan and footsteps, you can also hear a sigh when they say they're coming out to take care of some business..

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on this clip my neck is starting to hurt and get stiff where the scratches were, as we're discussing it the K-2 lights up and you can hear the static...

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on this clip you can hear multiple voices overlapping in the background, the K-2s start going crazy and you again hear the static..

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on this clip Jennifer and I are again in the piano room where you can hear multiple overlapping voices and the K-2s start going off accompanied by the static..​

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on this clip it sounds like one of the guys talking and you hear a whisper, I'm not even sure if it's one of the guys talking because there is no one replying to what is being said and no one was ever in the house alone...

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