Investigations Investigations Mansfield Prison 59775083 Mansfield Prison 59775103 Mansfield Prison 59775196 Waverly Hills we hope to do an investigation at Waverly hills this summer 60857316 Black Mass Photo 1 This photo was taken by Glenn the co-founder of S.P.I. at Harsens Island Yacht Club, Glenn was standing on the stairs when he took a series of 4 photos photo 1 was clear... 67292654 Black Mass Photo 2 A black mass appears in this photo Glenn did not see it while taking the photos.... 67292655 Black Mass Photo 3 In this photo the mass appears to be moving off to the left you can see what appears to be an partially transparent arm.... 67292656 Black Mass Photo 4 As it was in photo 1 this photo is clear.... 67292657