Training Session 10-17-10 Training Session 10-17-10 DVR hook-up 103002055 DVR to DVD hook-up 103002056 working on one of our DVR's 103002057 still haven't got it may have to buy a new one 103002058 if Scott can't fix it noone can 103002059 Jonathon making sure the infrared mini DV is working 103002061 Trish checking out the angles 103002062 angles check out 103002063 Jonathon in warehouse 103002067 Jonathon in warehouse 103002068 Trish in warehouse 103002070 Scott in warehouse 103002072 Jennifer outside of warehouse 103002076 Scott outside of warehouse 103002077 Jonathon outside of warehouse 103002078 Trish outside of warehouse 103002080 Jonathon outside of warehouse 103002081