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Someone's gotta post first and I'm not shy. Here's a link to a video I took in my house almost 9 1/2 years ago.


I'm sitting on my couch looking into the kitchen. Crib mattress is leaning against the counter. My wife was pregnant with our daughter and we were setting everything up so there was some baby furniture about the house. I just got my Sony Handicam and was playing with the night vision.


Video is in WMV so it's a smaller size. Can you spot 2 things in it?


Here's an AVI version of it at 37 MB. 




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it looked like something in front of the mattress and low fell over and I'm not sure if the fan was supposed to be moving or not, there was alot of play on light, the 2nd link you put on doesn't work I don't know if it's my computer or what but I have 3 I'll try it on another one...

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The link worked for me. Give it time, it has to buffer.


Forgot to mention about the fan. I had turned it off a little bit prior to starting to film so it was winding down. It was barely moving and after watching the video, I did go back and try to recreate it so see if it had any strength to move anything. Tried a feather and a dust bunny. Both fell straight down without being pushed in any particular direction. Also, tgere is a blinking on the phone on the wall from the caller ID.


At the time, I had never done it before and was just playing around. Never realized how many different things int he environment may "contaminate" what you're looking at or looking for. But learning is experience and all those experience work like a checklist of what to look for or eliminate.


Also, I just realized on Windows 7 and the windows media player it's hard to see the first one. It's in line with the play bar so it may not be very evident.


Reposted the link just in case.


Again, I'm not a huge believer in orbs. I can see how someone can get excited about it. A flash in a picture over something floating in the air might produce a sun-spot effect. Random small bugs in videos or dust flying around catching IR light just right. which may in fact be what I have here. Who knows. But they certainly do create conversation and discussion.


Sometimes, it could be something as simple as that to open a mind to the possibilities.


(side note: for some reason the first link does have it going to a bad file name. The resposted AVI does work; this is a cleaner version of the WMV file. first orb is much more visible in quicktime.)

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I just wanted to say thanks to all of you especially Jennifer!!! Finally someone has answered my call for help and you've been wonderful and very helpful!!! I'm very excited to get my house back and keep my son safe!!!





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